A Fan Zone in the emblematic heart of Bordeaux

Place des Quinconces, the biggest Fan Zone in France, after that in Paris, will be broadcasting all 51 matches on a giant screen measuring over 166m². With a capacity of up to 62,000 it will be offering a truly prestigious programme. The two areas (events and broadcasting) will be separated by a 90 metre-long hospitality and services building.

The Fan Zone will be provided with reinforced security (double barriers, systematic frisking, video protection, metal detectors, left-luggage facility).

With sports, cultural, digital and fun entertainment it will offer an unforgettable experience for fans, visitors and families from greater Bordeaux. The zone will also highlight Bordeaux’s unique identity, its heritage and its regional products, notably its gourmet specialities.

  • Entertainment Zone: Open from midday to 1:00 am / capacity 12,500 / 35 m² screen and 50m² stage / 5 Bordeaux restaurants and 2 food stand areas / a 100 m² dedicated area for associations

Entertainment area

  • Match viewing Zone: open 1hr30 before the first match of the day / capacity: 50,000 / Giant 166 m² screen and 100 m² stage / 7 food stand areas / 1 Bordeaux Métropole stand / 10 UEFA partner stands
  • Media and hospitality Zone: 1,200 m² reserved for businesses / 1 media centre

Planning of broadcasted matches

Planning of broadcasted matches

Fan zone activities program

Every day from June 10th to July 10th (except July 4th, only day of closure of the Fan zone), you will find several sport, cultural and musical activities

Télécharger le programme des animations de la Fan Zone

Forbidden objects

Forbidden objects

Presentation of the activities


27 June and 5 July
A brand new way to play football. There are no limits and anyone can play… adults or children. Bubble Foot is played by two teams, each having a minimum of 4 players. The rules are the same as for football… well almost… So what’s the difference? The game allows maximum contact between the players, you are totally free to collide with your opponents, bounce off them and roll in your bubble.

Football games

Goalkeeper game :

his game is very easy : you just have to slip on some gloves and to put yourself in front of the inflatable goal.

Once you are ready, the hostess will start the ball-blower, and with a move will project the balls to you. Dive to show us the great goalkeeper you could be !

Penalty game :

A goal, four holes on each corner, three slots on the floor for the ball.

After placing the ball on one of the slot, you will have to shoot and succeed to score through one of the four holes positioned at each corners.

Bouncy-house Game :

Set foot on the bouncy house to play a very unusual football game! Inside you will find a goal where children can play as goalkeeper or offender.

An hostess is checking on them and their safety.

Volley-foot game :

On this field you can play from 2 to 4 to a game following the volley game rules but without your hands.

Show your skillfulness to avoid that the ball is reaching the floor on your side, and at the same time try to score points against your opponent.

Golf-Foot Game :

Do you know the mini-golf rules ? So this time, let’s imagine the golf club is your foot and the golf ball is a football one.

You have to be very precise to strike the ball directly into the hole.

Security instructions within the Fan Zone

For public safety, a left-luggage facility will be available. It is only accessible to the public using the Fan Zone.

You may not leave any of the following in the left-luggage facility:
– cash
– identity documents
– cheque-books and credit cards
– valuables, such as jewellery, cameras and camcorders

Any item left remains the responsibility of its owner. The organiser may not therefore be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage concerning any object or objects deposited in the left-luggage facility under a unique number.

The staff will accept items within the limit of the space available. Objects may be refused following verification at the left-luggage facility’s reception point.

For safety reasons, no bag or package may be left in the cloakroom without it having been opened by the visitor. The staff may refuse to accept objects whose presence does not appear to them to be compatible with the security of the facility.

Any item left must be collected on the same day and up to 30 minutes after the Fan Zone closes. In the event of the ticket being lost, the object may only be collected the day after the closure of the Fan Zone and after confirmation by the organiser of the proven identity of the owner of the object in question. Any items remaining uncollected 30 minutes after closing will be considered as lost property. Any lost property found in the Fan Zone will be taken to the left-luggage facility, after the end of the event; these will then be taken to the municipal lost property office: 99 rue Abbé de l’Epée, 33000 Bordeaux.